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2.  For a Hiring Company
For a hiring company to search and contact a Recruiter to hire and provide recruitment services only for the company, typically as a Retained, Contingency or Consulting Company only.

Database is not authorized for usage for any other purposes or intentions. 
If for any reason this data is utilized, or attempted to be utilized, for any other reason, ramifications are outlined in the hyperlink Terms and Conditions and on this Web Site to individuals or companies is clearly stated. 

Any and all other usage of this web site material other than intended as outline for a single job seeker usage or a single hiring company usage on this Web Site is prohibitied.  All other usage will be billed automatically as outlined in the below hyperlink without further notification or ability to provide any credit for unauthorized usage.  Any and all litigation is directly billed to the unauthorized user.  If there are any further questions about usage, we invite your telephone calls or E-mail prior to purchase, or continued usage of this site.  If billed for inappropriate usage, or if any of the database contacts that are provided should change, no refunds of any type are provided under any circumstances.  Usage of this database is considered a rental as a single user by a job seeker, or rental as for single usage by a hiring company.  We would appreciate your notification, as a courtesy, if a link or contact information is identified as invalid or changes.

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