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Resume Format and Information Requirements

General Understanding of what data and information  Recruiters require on a resume prior to forwarding

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Here are 25 resume requirements

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Objective, if it is not 3-5 words, forget it, you are making a mistake, your resume will be placed in the General File, never to be found again

1.       Objective, if it is not 3-5 words, forget it, you are making a mistake, your resume will be placed in the General File, never to be found again

2.       Examples would be: Sales Representative / Telecommunications; Registered Nurse, Vice President of Sales and Marketing / Manufacturing

3.       A one-line Overview Statement: Office Administration experience, 15+ years

4.       3-5 Bullets of Strengths or Accomplishments not fluff, facts; Recruiters require this information

5.       Ability to travel and relocate

6.       Salary, negotiable

7.       E-mail address, URL Web Site list that address

8.       Education: Month and Year started and ended

9.       Training Courses completed, (not college courses)

10.   Certifications

11.   Licenses

12.   Security Clearance

13.   Affiliations and Organizations

14.   Computer hardware and software detailed experience, Word, Excel, Access, QuickBooks

15.   Skills, transferable skills expertise

16.   Languages, written and spoken

17.   Work restrictions or Visa Requirements, United States Citizen

18.   Awards

19.   What type of company did you work for, what did the company do

20.   Position Title, dates; Multiple Positions held and dates held, were you promoted?

21.   Detailed job description with Accomplishments

22.   Industries familiar with and worked in

23.   Military details, pay grade, specialty and type of discharge,

24.   All information must contain dates, at minimum years including job and education

25.   All jobs worked since College or High School, without exception