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Database Information Provided When Purchased
The database information provided will contain the following:
A.  The Recruiter URL Internet Address
B.  The A Recruiter E-mail Address
C.  If a specific Recruiter e-mail contact is not available, the next best contact or the company general mail box will be provided that is recommended to submit a resume or a Recruiter contact

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Database Formats Available

A.  Microsoft Access
The data provided will the Company URL Address and the E-mail Address ONLY.  You will be provided the information in an MS Access Table, with a MS Access Form that you may view the information.  The MS Access database will have additional database fields for expansion of data collected by the Job Seeker or Company that will enable additional information to inserted that will include the Company Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code Telephone Number, Fax Number, Contact Name, Type of Recruiter, Recruiter Specialities and Notes.

B.  Microsoft Excel
The data provided will the Company URL Address and the E-mail Address ONLY.  The first two columns will contain this information and provide the ability to expand the data fields and customize as required.

Database Format and Information Provided

C.  Microsoft Word with hyperlinks
The data provided will the Company URL Address and the E-mail Address ONLY.   The data provided will contain a hyperlink of the URL Address and a hyperlink of the E-mail Address embedded in each field.  The hyperlinks will provide the following connectivity.  If connected to the Internet, the hyperlink of the URL Address should connect directly to the Recruiter's Web Site.  The hyperlink embedded in your E-mail address will automatically activate the default e-mail browers and insert the e-mail address into the E-mail brower such as Microsoft Outlook or AOL.  Please note the personal computer must have an E-mail program with this capability and connectivity to the Internet.  If not, the e-mail address must be cut and pasted into an E-mail program, and the URL cut and pasted into a Web Browser such as an example Explorer or Netscape.  The current number of contacts will be listed on the Purchase Order Form page.

Order Fullfillment Methods of Processing (Insert on Purchase page)

1.  Proceed to the Purchase Link as indicated to the left of the page
2.  Complete the Order Form
3.  You may insert your credit card information, or for an additional small processing fee, indicate you would like our Account Representative to call you to process your credit card information via the telephone providing personal service
4.  Select your delivery service which is E-mail or Delivery on CD Rom

Standard Service:
Once credit card approval is completed, order is processed via e-mail.

CD Rom Express Service:
Database is delivered on a CD Rom, that option is available for an additional $35.00 for processing or a CD Rom and Shipping Express Mail. 

CD Rom Premium Express Service:
Next Day Service is $65.00 on a CD Rom if ordered prior to 12:00 Noon EST 

Database Delivery Options :
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