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Job Seekers - Many of these Elite Recruiters may require previous minimum salary performance levels of $100,000 or more, do not be surprised if they require W-2 or Income Tax verification and Security Background checks.  It is strongly suggested that you do not continue to utilize this site if you are not a justifiable Top Performer in your career and have a superior resume to justify your credentials.  Do not waste these professional Elite Recruiter's Time if you cannot justify your performance or insult a Recruiter and hiring company with a self-prepared and self-written resume!  As this will be obvious, as a Job Seeker, you do not understand the process and it is not worth the Recruiter's time or could be an embarrassment to the recruiter.  It will confirm and verify that, as a Job Seeker, you are not a qualified candidate.  Recruiters are paid by the hiring company and typically do not reflect a lower salary for the process of hiring a Recruiter.  A hiring company wants The Best, that is why a Recruiter is hired. 

Hiring Company - You have hired a professional and Elite Recruiter that will inform you of the Recruitment process and coordinate the process with you.  This Elite Recruiter will inform you if your expectations of hiring of an individual according to your credential requirements compared to what you intended salary levels you are expecting to pay are too high or too low.  If they are too low, expect this Elite Recruiter to refuse to provide you with any qualified candidates.  As a hiring company you may be requested to lower your candidate job credential requirements to match the salary they expect to pay, or increase the salary to match the position attempted to fill.  If an Elite Recruiter or any other Recruiter cannot provide suitable candidates within 3-weeks, either replace the Recruiter or the position, requirements and salary, something is wrong.

For the Job Seeker, these Elite Recruiter Contacts are being made available to provide the ability of highly qualified job-seeking candidates to obtain the contacts of qualified Recruiters via E-mail and connect to directly to their web site.  The names, address, telephone number are not supplied with this database, but obtained directly from the Web Site URL or E-mail by the information purchased for the Recruiters assiged to this Elite listing qualification.  The database information provide with the this Elite Recruiter Listing is the URL and E-mail Address only.  In this manner, the database is continuously updated when required by the purchaser through direct contact as needed and when required.  Typically a Recruiter may reloate, change E-mail or speciality, this process will enable the Job Seeker or Hiring company to maintain a database of these Professional Elite Recruiters that once purchased may be updated and never becomes outdated.  The job seeker or hiring company seeking a Recruiter may then determine if they feel comfortable in submitting their resume or Job Order to a specific Recruiter based upon specific qualifications of the recruiter, their requirements, industry speciality, and requirements that the Recruiter will be able to provide a service in the job search process to the Job Seeker or hiring process to a Company.  Simply stated, qualify the Recruiter prior to sending a resume or Job Order, because the Elite Recruiter will also qualify the candidate or hiring company as viable to work with.   Each candidate will be required to justify resume with expected impeccable credentials and qualifications, a strong performance level history of experience in the  positions held, certifiable accomplishments, income verification, drug testing and potential personality testing.  The Job Seeker is expected to have the ability to listen to an Executive Recruiter and follow the direction they require, without exception.  Failure by the Job Seeker to respond accordingly will typically result in elimination in further job opportunity consideration. 

The hiring company seeking a new employee is expected, and required, to sign a Working Agreement Contract with the Recruiter prior to receiving any candidates resumes.  Fee structures, terms and conditions are agreed upon prior to candidate resumes being supplied for review.    

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"The economy and law of good business prevent any company from providing too much product or service for too little a cost.  The individuals that do not understand this today, will be the lawful prey to those who will accept any amount amount of money and in return perform according to that payment.   You will only get what you pay for in life and in business,  nothing more..."

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You only get what you pay for in life, nothing more, but more often we see, less. An Elite Recruiter provides the company with a high level of integrity and seeks the highest levels of qualified candidates for that fee. The hiring company provides a reasonable wage for specific work completed. The Elite Recruiter does not tell the hiring company or job seeker what they want to hear, the Elite Recruiter will state the facts. That is how they work, they do not have the luxury or time on their hands to waste with a non-responsive hiring company or non-responsive job seeker. If the hiring company or job seeker is not happy with the results the Elite Recruiter provides, move on to someone else, this must be understood. Be consciously aware, the Elite Recruiter will do the same regarding the Job Seeker or Hiring Company if they are not satisfied. If the Recruiter, Hiring Company and Job Seeker communicate effectively with each other, and clearly understand the process, everyone will be rewarded according to their performance in this recruitment process!
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