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The unemployable but qualified candidate...
The majority of very qualified and experienced Job Seekers will not be able to find new employment at similar income levels or work with Recruiters.  This may not be as much an economic environment today as a problem with created by the Job Seeker.  The reason is not that the Job Seeker is not qualified, it is because of the unacceptable and poor and quality of the resume being utilized to get a new job.  No job Seeker should be surprised, hiring companies and Recruiters see this situation every day.  It is not unusual for a very qualified Job Seeker not be be able to find a new position at a reasonable salary for the simple reason alone, an unprofessionally prepared resume or unformatted properly for the computer to analyze the information submitted. 

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The Job Seeker solution to unemployment...
Usually a Job Seeker prepares their own resume, which is usually a disaster and a career death wish!  A few problems can be formatting alone including:
*  No 3-7 word Objective
*  Dates missing
*  Education on the bottom, no dates
*  No Skills
*  No Training
*  No Computer capabilities
*  Utilizing Wizards, Templates, .PDF and scanned copies to E-mail

Do not waste the time of these professional Recruiters by forwarding to them a self-written, half-baked resume.  The reasons are simple, the majority of the time the Job Seeker self-prepared resume will not be worth the time for the Recruiter to return a call because the resume is so poorly prepared, and those are the facts, as sad as it may appear.  today, 90% or more of the resumes will be forwarded via E-mail and if not properly prepared, the guarantee of unemployment will be the results.  A very qualified Job Seeker could be the Award Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, have a PhD and be on the cover of Time Magazine and considered not qualified because of a poor resume, that is a fact.  Do not become an unemployment statistic, hire the professional! 

Job Seekers, do not be surprised if you are rejected because of the poor quality of a resume.  The quality of your work and performance at a company is directly reflected through your resume presentation.  Decide if you want a $30,000 job or a $300,000 job, your resume will justify to any employer or recruiter that stamen for you.

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If you want a professional job, the qualified Job Seeker better have a professional resume writer prepare the resume or this database will be worthless to anyone, do not waste the money and time by purchasing the Recruiter contact database without a proper resume. These Elite Recruiters are expecting nothing but the best candidates with the best credentials and presented properly in a resume format.  That is the Job Seekers responsibility of delivery to the Recruiter.  The Recruiter will be contacting potential hiring companies to present your resume and credentials.  Let this be a FAIR WARNING, Recruiters do not type resumes!  If a Job Seeker's resume is not prepared and typed properly in the proper format with the appropriate information sent to the Hiring Company or Recruiter, guarantee your resume will end up in the trash barrel, or just deleted from the computer, that is a fact you can bet on.  The reason very simple, if the Job Seeker does not care about how they look on paper, they are a potential embarrassment to the Recruiter or the hiring company.  If a hiring company is paying a Recruiter thousands of dollars to find the perfect employee, that perfection starts on paper, and it better not be typed and created by the Job Seeker.  Job Seekers have specific professions and qualifications, but typically are not a professional resume writer.

Do not become an unemployment statistic...

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